In den ersten Tagen unseres NZ-Aufenthaltes wollen wir die Nordinsel erkunden. Da wir bei unserem ersten NZ-Tripp mit unserem kleinen Camper gute Erfahrungen gemacht haben, buchten wir auch dieses mal wieder den dieses nette Gefährt.

Mietwagenagentur:  ‘Happy Campers’

Modell:  Happy Campers Happier 3 Berth

General Information

tip Fuel: Petrol     Transmission: Manual     Age: 5 years or more

Perfect for a couple or small family who want even more comfort, the Happier 3 berth camper is a great site on the road as it has an outline of New Zealand on the side of it. Very Cool! This 2003/04 Toyota Hiace feautres 5 speed manual transmission, 2.4L petrol engine, power steering and seats three in the front cabin. It also has added extras such as a microwave and modern interior. The Happier 3 includes everything you need for sleeping and travelling in comfort without compromising the Happy Campers care-free way of life. This vehicle is the perfect partner for your New Zealand adventures.

The Happier 3 berth offers a double bed plus large single bed located in the roof. Good storage capacity, bedding and living equipment are provided.

This vehicle comes complete with a fridge, microwave, two-burner gas-stove, cold running water, ample cupboard and shelf space plus complete kitchen equipent and linen to let you take control of your own adventure.

  • Power Steering
  • Seat Belts
  • Radio + CD Player
  • Gas Stove
  • Fridge
  • Sink
  • Microwave
  • Heating
  • Internal Access
  • Internal Walk Through
  • Linen + Bedding
  • Living Equipment

Happy Campers Happier 3 Berth

Happy Campers Happier 3 Berth

Happy Campers Happier 3 Berth

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